Fish Farm

Build your Aquarium Empire with Fish Farm on your Apple iOS or Android device!

4.5 stars on Android Market

Fish FarmAndroid Market4.5
Fish Farm is an exciting 3D aquarium experience that gives you creative control – customize beautiful marine environments for saltwater or freshwater fish.

With 150+ exotic 3D fish and sharks along with 85+ decorations at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless.
Buy, breed, and sell exotic freshwater or saltwater fish. Reaching higher levels in the app earns coins and access to more fish, backgrounds and aquarium decorations.
Feed your vibrantly colored fish, observe them as they play – even annoy them by tapping the glass!
And with iTunes library integration, users can enjoy music from their collection while caring for their fish.
With Fish Farm, everything from the species of fish to the undersea home is yours to create!


  • 150+ brilliantly colored, realistic 3D fish and sharks to choose from
  • Customize your aquariums with 85+ different decorative items
  • Feed your fish, watch them play, and tap the glass to annoy them!
  • Buy, raise, breed and sell fish to earn coins and gain experience
  • Care for up to 18 saltwater or freshwater aquariums
  • Enjoy offline play capability
  • Pay once, get the Exchange and access all game features

How to care for your fish

Fish need time and food to grow.
They won’t grow if they are hungry.
For the maximum growth rate you should feed your fish every 8 hours.
Keep your fish happy by adding decoration items.

How to reach higher levels

The only way to gain experience and to level-up is to buy, breed or sell fish.
Advanced fish (higher level) generate more experience than starter fish.

How to earn money

Fish Farm uses two currencies: coins and cowry dollar.
Some fish and decoration items require cowry dollar to be bought.
In the Exchange you can exchange coins or real money into cowry dollar.
When selling fish or items you will only receive coins even if you paid cowry dollar.
The exchange rate is about 1 cowry dollar to 10 coins.
To earn coins you should sell adult fish only.

How to breed

At least two fish of one species have to be present in the aquarium.
The selected fish need to have at least 50% of their size.
A selected fish and its mate can only breed once within 24 hours.
You need enough coins to be allowed to breed fish.
Breeding fish is less expensive than buying fish.