Hostile Orbit

Hostile Orbit


This action game offers you hours of excitement as well as sophisticated graphic and sound effects. Your mission is clear: Defend the sector you are assigned to against enemy spaceships and incoming asteroids. It is on you to wisely utilize armament, radar, and the shields of your gun turret to fight your enemies and fulfil your mission. Keep an eye on the energy level to avoid being damaged by your opponents and everything else that is out there.


Standard enemy spaceships are equipped with protective shields. You need to destroy these shields completely before such a spaceship takes damage from your fire. Kamikaze enemy spaceships try to fly suicide attacks against you after some time of fighting. You should target kamikazes with high priority as you cannot stand lots of their hits. All enemy spaceships will fire at you. Their skill and precision changes according to the level of the game. Your shields protect you against enemy fire. However, it is useless against hits by kamikazes and asteroids.

Asteroids directly target your gun turret and should be destroyed quickly. Take care, asteroids might scatter when being hit. Your damage when being hit by an asteroid depends on its size.


You can rotate your gun turret by either using the touchscreen or the accelerometer of your device. You should activate the entry Touch Only in the menu when using your touchscreen. If Touch Only is not activated, the gun rotates according to the accelerometer. Calibration of the accelerometer to the neutral position is available through the Calibrate entry in the menu. You can fire by tapping anywhere on the screen when using accelerometer control. In Touch Only mode, you can fire by tapping within the crosshair. The turret automatically aims at targets inside the crosshair area. The damage you cause to a target depends on the distance of your target: The closer the target, the more damage you cause. The damage also depends on the position of a target in your crosshair: The more a target is centered in the crosshair, the more damage you cause. As protection against enemy fire, you can activate your shield by tapping one of the corresponding buttons. Double tapping one of the buttons allows you to activate or deactivate the automatic shield mode. Within this mode, your shield is automatically activated in case of imminent hits.

Your gun has limited power resources only, which recharge slowly over time. Firing, shield and automatic shield mode consume power. The auto shield should thus only be activated under heavy attack. Distant opponents are harder to hit than close opponents. It might be more appropriate to wait fighting opponents until they come close. Fast recharge of power can be achieved by positioning the crosshair into the sun. Under heavy attack this might become a last option for recharging and keeping the gun ready for battle.

To identify your opponents, you should use the radar system at the upper right of the screen. All opponents are marked by points – the distance between you and an opponent is the closer, the closer it comes to the center of your radar. The position of the sun is indicated by a symbol at the border of your radar system.