MyReef 2

Dive into a beautiful 3D aquarium on your iOS device!

MyReef 2 is a saltwater aquarium that fits in your pocket – customize your tanks and interact with the fish, or just sit back and enjoy life on an exotic coral reef.

With 48 types of vibrant tropical fish to choose from, MyReef 2 features scientifically accurate species-specific movement and interaction.
You can individually select the inhabitants of your aquarium, care for your fish by feeding them, watch them form schools, and even annoy them by tapping on the “glass.”

Two dynamic cameras let you choose your view: The fish-camera allows you to zoom in on a fish, automatically following its movements, and the auto-camera focuses on points of interest while you relax. Use common touchscreen gestures to control the camera, sound, and customize your aquarium with backgrounds and accessories.
It’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of an aquarium – from the joys of pet care to relief from everyday stresses, MyReef 2 puts it all in the palm of your hand!


  • Observe realistic animations, behavior, and interactions of up to 30 species of 3D fish
  • Customize your aquarium, selecting backgrounds, accessories, and the perfect mixture of species
  • Participate in detailed interaction with your fish, including feeding and knocking on the front “glass” to annoy them
  • Move and zoom easily using common touchscreen gestures
  • View your aquarium in soothing shades of midnight blue
  • HDMI TV out


Open the configuration menu by tapping the plus sign in the lower left corner of the screen.


There are two camera options available.
To use the fish camera, tap the menu entry “Fish”; then tap the desired fish to activate this camera mode.
You can activate the auto camera by tapping the menu entry “Auto”.


Activate the “Knock” mode to knock on the glass and annoy your fish.
To feed your fish, tap the “Feed” symbol and activate the feeding mode. Then tap any area on the screen to drop food into the aquarium.
You can deactivate the modes by either tapping the icon again or by using the shortcut in the upper left corner of the screen.
To switch from day to night mode, tap the light symbol.


There are five tanks available.
Select the one you like to watch.


In this section, you can configure your fish, the aquarium’s background and its accessories.


Use swipe gestures to select the species and the add/subtract buttons to select the quantities of your fish.
You can add up to 16 creatures.
There is only one crab and one starfish allowed per tank.
To automatically populate your tank, tap “random”.
To remove all fish tap “clear all”.


In deco mode you can place a selected item in the tank, tap the item and drag it to the desired position in the tank.
All creatures are hidden in deco mode.
If an item is colored red (indicating lack of room to place the object), wait for the color to subside before placing the item.

To automatically place decoration, tap “random”.
Tap the “add deco” button in the upper right corner of the screen to add decoration.

Use swipe gestures to select a decoration item and the add/subtract buttons to select the quantities.
You can add up to 8 items.
To remove all items, tap “clear all”.


Tap “Gravel” to change the substrate in your tank.


Tap “Back” to change the background.


Tap “Own” to select a background from your photo library.
The image will be automatically cropped and scaled to fit.


Connect your iPad, iPhone 4+, or iPod touch 4+ with your TV using, e.g., Apple’s HDMI cable.
The device will switch the view to your TV and show a configuration menu.
Now you can move the camera, swap aquariums, activate auto camera, and switch from day to night using your device.
Unplug the cable to return the view to your device.