Tropical Aquarium

Submerge your iPhone in a beautiful and exotic underwater world!

Tropical Aquarium is a freshwater aquarium that’s so realistic that it’s hard to believe you aren’t watching real fish swimming lazily through crystal clear water.

With a choice of three different aquariums, various fish and fish-tank accessories, users get a very life-like experience, including feeding and caring for their virtual fish.

The portrait display function allows users to view their fish tank either vertically or horizontally.

Paired with the ability to play music from the iTunes music library, the portrait setting enables users to watch beautiful tropical fish while listening to music on an iPhone docking station.
You will be able to upgrade Tropical Aquarium to Premium version via In App Purchase. The Premium version adds the ability to customize the aquariums and supports five more species of fish.


  • 23 species of 3D fish (32 in Premium version)
  • Feed your fish and knock on the front “glass” to annoy them
  • View your aquarium in soothing shades of midnight blue
  • Customize your aquariums (Premium version)
  • Move and zoom using common touchscreen gestures
  • Play music from your collection
  • Portrait display option – turn your iPhone docking station into a virtual aquarium

How to Care for Your Freshwater Tank


Open the configuration menu by tapping the lower border of the screen.

To use the fish camera, tap the menu entry “Cam 1”. Then tap the desired fish to activate the camera mode. You can activate the auto camera by tapping menu entry “Cam 2”.

To knock on the glass, activate the knocking feature in the configuration menu. To switch from day to night mode, tap the light symbol in the configuration menu. The button “Swap” allows you to switch between your three available aquariums.

Shake the device for about one second to drop some food into your aquarium. Feed the fish to let them grow over time. But don’t worry, they won’t die if you forget to feed them.

To configure device orientation, sound options and to buy the Premium version, tap the Settings button. To play background music from your iTunes library while viewing your aquarium, open your desired playlist in the iPod application prior to starting the app. You can then switch between songs, pause and control volume.

In the Premium version, you can change background, gravel and the items in your aquarium. Tap “Aquarium Setup” to enter the respective configuration screen.

Fish Setup

Tap the “Add” icon to enter the fish selection screen. Choose the species you want to add by using the arrows. Each species has a specific weight. The smaller the weight, the more fish fit in your tank.

To see the actual growth and feed statistics of your fish, tap the “Select” icon in the main menu. You can select the desired fish using the arrows or by tapping on it. To remove a fish, tap the trash icon.